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The Stockhausen Show

Mar 12, 2018

I am totally stoked that i got the opportunity to sit down with Bryce Langston from Living big in a Tiny House. 

We discuss all the ins and outs of tiny living as well as how his life has changed since starting Living Big in a Tiny house. 


Feb 28, 2018

I share my new eating plan and how i have noticed the changes.  Also jump in and share what BIG project i am jumping into. - We discuss the pros and cons of the project.  


Feb 14, 2018

I interview Christine Sheehy who is a messaging coach, copywriter, and author. She helps business owners find the core message at the heart of your work so you can set yourself apart in a noisy online world.

We dive into how to get your story right for your business and brand. 


Feb 9, 2018

I reveal how my addiction to Tiny houses is taking over.  The pros and cons of doing your own.  Shall i build my own tiny house?  

Jan 28, 2018

Fat and in style. 

I chat to Monique Doy from Dressing up about how to wear clothes if you are 14+

She shared her philosophy on how to step out with confidence. Wear your personality.